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Buying residential property in Switzerland as a foreigner. What do I need to know and consider?

Depending on your residence permit and nationality, it is possible for foreigners to buy residential property in Switzerland.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about the requirements for buying a property.

Do I need a purchase permit as a foreigner to buy a property in Switzerland?

Many Swiss people dream of owning their own home. However, in order to fulfil your dream, you must first navigate through a series of procedures and laws. Foreigners should also check whether a purchase permit is required to buy residential property.

In fact, a residence permit is not required for all foreigners and depends on their nationality and residence status. The purchase permit is based on the protection of Swiss soil. It is intended to prevent Swiss building land from coming into the possession of foreigners.

EU / EFTA nationals

EU / EFTA nationals have the same acquisition rights as Swiss nationals. No additional permit or authorisation is required.

Third-country nationals with a B permit

Persons who are resident in Switzerland and have a

third-country nationals require a permit for the following cases:

– Flats in flat hotels

– Second homes without rental option

– Holiday homes with temporary rental option

If the residential property, building land or real estate serves as the main residence,

no permit is required if the following factors are met.

– Possession of a valid residence permit

– The property serves as the main residence and is not sublet

– The purchase and the start of construction of the property take place in the same year.

Persons with a settlement permit C

Citizens with a C settlement permit have the same purchase rights as Swiss citizens. No additional permit or authorisation is required.

Cross-border commuters (G permit)

As a cross-border commuter with EU/EFTA citizenship, you have the option of buying a second home in the vicinity of your place of work without a permit. The prerequisite for this is that the second home is not rented to a third party.

Third-country nationals (not resident in Switzerland)

Third-country nationals require a purchase permit for the acquisition of real estate or building land.

Where do I obtain the purchase permit for the acquisition of a property?

The relevant cantonal authority in the locality to which the land or property belongs is responsible for issuing the purchase permit.

Anyone who needs a permit or would like to clarify their need for security must therefore first contact the competent cantonal authority. Whether the permit is issued depends on the respective canton and the type of property.

If the application is approved, the next step is financing. In this regard, the requirements for granting credit to persons with a B, C and G permit do not differ fundamentally from those for Swiss nationals. The basic requirements are also a regular income and sufficient creditworthiness.

Where can I go if I have questions about the purchase process or financing options?

In Switzerland there are various financing options when buying a property. In addition, it is important to analyse tax matters and the pension situation in detail in order to find the best solution for you.

In the recent past I have found several financing solutions for foreigners and will be happy to assist you during your purchase process.

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